Netflix’s secret cult hit

A few years back, Netflix produced some test footage for its device partners. The company simply added the footage to its regular catalog, where customers turned it into a cult hit, rivaling Internet memes like the Three Wolf Moon t-shirt.

Twas the Night Before iPad

‘Twas the night before iPad, and all through the land.

Not a person was stirring, they were resting their hand.

All of the fanboys, were snug in their beds.
While visions of touching, swiping and dragging,

Did dance in their heads.

The App Store was open, to the sound of ka-ching.

4 Unusual Halloween Costumes for Apple Fans

Apple-o-lanternWe’ve all seen the Steve Jobs, the iPhone, the iPod, and the Mac costumes, but what do you do if you want to stand out from the crowd? The motto of our beloved company has long been “Think Different,” and it’s about time we bring that to the Halloween arena, too.

The day itself is tomorrow, so I’m providing some suggestions that haven’t been done to death, and that will go over especially well if you go to your local Mac club’s Halloween bash this weekend.

Steve-Jobs_John_SculleyCostume #1: John Sculley

The Jobs costume, and even the Woz costume, are common enough, and Flickr is replete with examples of both. What isn’t so common is people opting to dress up like former Apple CEO John Sculley, who was Apple’s CEO when Steve Jobs was ousted from the company.

To dress up as Sculley, think conventional business person. A dark suit and sensible, solid-colored tie is best. Use some flour or temporary coloring in your hair to achieve a salt-and-pepper type look. Carry a bottle of Pepsi, or, as Steve Jobs likes to call it, “sugared water.” Carry a Newton in the other hand if you can find one. Also bring with you many copies of your autobiography “Odyssey” and distribute to everyone you meet. Read More about 4 Unusual Halloween Costumes for Apple Fans

Halloween Costume Ideas for Web Workers

jack_o_lanternAll Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us, and like many others, I’m scrambling to come up with last-minute costume ideas for the weekend festivities. I can always pull out the old tickle trunk, replete with the bits and pieces of costumes past, but where’s the fun in that? If possible, I like to repeat as little as possible.

Instead, why not embrace my web working identity as a source of costume idea inspiration? These costumes may not be instantly recognizable by everyone, but those who do recognize them will make it all worthwhile, especially if you travel with a web-savvy crowd. Please note that any ribbing that follows is of the good-natured variety. Read More about Halloween Costume Ideas for Web Workers

When Does Apple Become Anticompetitive?

jobs_godfatherWhen the Palm Pre/iTunes Syncing fiasco started, especially when Apple (s aapl) blocked the hack Palm was using and people started screaming about Apple’s monopolistic practices, I pretty much shrugged the whole thing off. In Apple’s eyes, iTunes exists for one reason, and one reason only: to sync with iPods and iPhones; Apple is under no obligation to open its software to Palm (s palm) any more than Epson is under any obligation to make their scanner software work with Canon’s (s caj).
With the App Store, it’s a little different. A year ago, Steve Jobs stood on a stage and painted a picture of Apple as benevolent Guardian of Light. The types of software Apple would disallow seemed like a no brainer: porn, malicious apps, bandwidth hogs, etc. Now, I’m starting to think that scene could have been from a remake of the Godfather. Read More about When Does Apple Become Anticompetitive?

To Morro: A Microsoft Musical

Microsoft Windows

Microsoft’s (s msft) free antivirus software, Morro, will soon be in beta testing — a free cure for one of the Windows world’s greatest sicknesses. And you know it’s gotta be good, because who better to close those doors than the company that opened them in the first place?

We should all practice safe computing, so as a Mac user, I’m not going to mention the stark virus differences between the opposing platforms. Rather, today I suggest we lift our voice in song to celebrate the occasion with our Windows-loving friends.

Come on, you know the song, so feel free to join in… Read More about To Morro: A Microsoft Musical

My 30-Second “Interview” With Jonathan Ive

Jony (Jonathan) Ive

No, I’m not kidding. This actually happened. I had a 30-second “interview” with Jonathan Ive.

On the way out of the Moscone Center this morning, as streams of people are leaving to get some fresh air and digest all of the announcements from the WWDC 2009 keynote address, I see a familiar face walking towards me. It’s Jonathan Ive. I can’t believe it. This guy is design royalty.

But I’m from Los Angeles: We’re not afraid to approach the rich and famous in my city. Heck, I produce theater with lots of famous actors and comedians, so I often have to work with known personalities. This was a rare opportunity and certainly not a time for sudden shyness, so I approached the master designer and introduced myself.

The following is an exact transcript of what transpired. Read More about My 30-Second “Interview” With Jonathan Ive

Belated Tech Rhymes For Limerick Day

Sure, Limerick Day was actually yesterday. Think of these as either a day late or 364 days early.

There once was a major OS
Whose code was so clearly a mess.
But we just have to cope,
And hope against hope
It’s fixed in the next version, I guess.

There’s a hot social network called Twitter.
On my desktop, “tweets” it does litter.
Truth is most are a bore;
I’m not sure I want more,
But I sort through the mud for the glitter. Read More about Belated Tech Rhymes For Limerick Day

Ode to Apple’s Netbook Mini Touch HD Tablet Device

I’ve been reading all the rumors
Of Apple’s new machine.
Seems everyone knows just what it is
Although it’s never been seen.

Some say it’ll be a netbook;
That’s what Chinese papers proclaim.
Their track record has been spotty at best
But we believe them all the same.

Others say it’ll be a touch;
An amazing new device.
Stunning, breathtaking, typically Apple,
Right down to the asking price.

Still others say it’s a tablet;
The form pushed by the last generation.
Some people just can’t let this idea go;
It’s like rumor constipation.
Read More about Ode to Apple’s Netbook Mini Touch HD Tablet Device