EBay puts down roots in NYC with data-focused tech center

EBay is putting down roots in New York and has bought up a 35,000 square foot space. The retailer is announcing that it has purchased an entire floor in the Flat Iron district where it will house 200 people in a new technology center of excellence.

Caterina Fake’s Pinwheel raised $7.5M from Redpoint

Caterina Fake has launched a new startup called Pinwheel, a sort of “Flickr for places.” The startup has raised a $7.5 million Series A Round from Redpoint Ventures, in addition to funding from True Ventures, Betaworks, Founder Collective, SV Angel, Obvious Corp and other angels.

Why eBay is buying recommendation engine Hunch

EBay has announced it’s buying New York startup Hunch, the recommendation engine, to help improve its recommendation services. The purchase helps eBay improve its technology base, compete better with Amazon and it might also be another asset in eBay’s X.commerce platform.

Top10 wants listophiles to go recommendation crazy

As the battle heats up among social recommendation websites, British newcomer Top10.com thinks it can make an impact. But with Facebook cranking up to launch new features, do independent sites have a fight on their hands?

Hunch Co-founder Releases Twitter-YouTube Mashup

This is cool: Forage.com generates YouTube music video playlists based on the people you follow on Twitter. The site is a mashup cooked up by Chris Dixon, the co-founder of Hunch, and it demonstrates how Hunch uses its own data sets to predict new taste preferences.

Can Hunch’s Algorithm Improve Your Gift-Giving Skills?

Hunch, a startup trying to build a “taste graph” of people’s like and dislikes that can act as a recommendation engine, has partnered with Gifts.com to make suggestions about what kinds of presents your Facebook friends might like, based on their Facebook profiles.

Why Gravity’s Interest Graph Effort is Un-Interesting

Gravity, a Los Angeles-based startup, says it’s developing an "interest graph" that will let it recommend content to users based on their preferences, but the initial offering from the company — a service called Twinterests, which pulls your interests from your Twitter feed — is unimpressive.

Zebek Jumps Into the Personalization Race

Now that social is becoming the new norm, the next big battle for companies will be personalization. The company that can get inside my head and deliver tailored recommendations or know what I want without being too stalkerish can walk away with a lot of money.

Carriers Have a Hunch There’s Money in User Data

Wireless carriers, which have been sitting on a largely untouched goldmine of data, may be poised to start tapping into their mother lode. Chris Dixon of recommendation and personalization site Hunch said he’s meeting with operators looking at deploying Hunch for recommendations and personalization.