Hunch’s Redesign Puts It Right in Facebook’s Sights

Hunch, the hot startup from Flickr co-founder Caterina Fake and angel investor Chris Dixon, has redesigned the service to focus on recommending products such as magazines and books, rather than answering questions about specific topics. But the new focus could put it squarely in Facebook’s sights.

Hot Deals, Big Money: What’s Up With Silicon Valley?

Foursquare is being actively wooed by four major venture capital investors, which are valuing it at between $50 million and $70 million. And it isn’t the only startup seeking a “big round” at a “big valuation” — indeed, big-ticket investments are making a comeback.

When Social Replaces Search, What Can You Do to Monetize?

Social web behavior is increasingly filling the need for a traditional search engine, but you can’t monetize the social web by transferring over search advertising. What does that mean for Google, and what are some of the most promising ways startups are filling the gap?

My Hunch Is As Good As Jimmy Wales’ Hunch

Hunch, a New York-based startup whose founders include by Chris Dixon and Caterina Fake, has flown under the radar since it launched six months ago, which is strange considering its potential as a disruptor. Today, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales joined Hunch’s board.

Don’t Let the PC Become a Dinosaur

[qi:043] Everything today is connected. And that may be bad news for that PC sitting on your desk or the high-powered laptop that you tote around on business trips. In an increasingly connected world, where data is just a server request away, the PC needs an overhaul to stay relevant, so that it isn’t merely a hub for all of your digital devices, but it’s also a contributor to the web and an intelligent orchestrator of the home network. Read More about Don’t Let the PC Become a Dinosaur