Departing T-Mo CEO Humm lands at Vodafone to run half of Europe

One day after Philipp Humm’s surprise resignation from T-Mobile, Vodafone announced he has joined its ranks. Humm won’t just be supervising one of Vodafone’s numerous European subsidiaries – he will take charge of eight carriers in Northern and Central Europe.

Nokia factories shift to Asia: Did it have any choice?

Embattled Nokia is hoping it can become faster and more competitive by shifting the heart of its manufacturing operations to Asia, a move which will see 4,000 jobs cut in Finland, Hungary and Mexico but will be seen as long overdue.

Prezi zooms forward with $14m from Accel

Cloud-based presentation service Prezi kicked up a fuss when it offered a dynamic alternative to dreary formats. Now, two years after launch, the Hungarian startup has scored a serious round of funding to take the battle to PowerPoint.

How fiber broadband changes a city

Boly, a tiny town in Hungary became fiber enabled and this video shows how it changed the society, its ambitions and its future. Now the entire video is in Hungarian, but the english subtitles tell the story aptly. As I keep saying — connectedness changes everything.