Create Freshbooks Invoices in Salesforce

Online invoicing service FreshBooks today announced a new integration with Salesforce, enabling Salesforce users to automatically bill through FreshBooks without leaving the Saleforce interface. The integration is made possible through the use of a third-party app, DataSynch OnDemand for FreshBooks & Salesforce by Pervasive Software.

Vid-Biz: Google TV, Clearleap, Project Canvas

Today on the Net: An analysis of what Google TV means to advertisers, Clearleap hits a milestone by topping 10 million cable subscribers and the U.K. Office of Fair Trade has decided against investigating the BBC’s Project Canvas.

Tighter MPG, Emission Rules Go on the Books for 2012

The Obama administration has just finalized the country’s first ever national regulation to curb greenhouse gas emissions and raise the bar on efficiency for new cars and trucks. The move could pushes automakers to incorporate more green technology into their lineups.

“Green” Not Enough to Win Most Drivers Over to Green Cars: Report

Hybrid and electric vehicles can only ride so far on the appeal of their fuel economy gains and environmental credentials. For a majority of car buyers, factors such as style, performance and services for information, entertainment and safety will hold more weight in the decision to buy an alternative fuel vehicle in the coming years. That’s according to a new survey from Accenture (s ACN), which found that six out of 10 consumers “are more likely to buy a hybrid or electric vehicle only when it is superior to gasoline-only models in every way.”
Accenture, which surveyed 1,850 consumers in North America as well as Germany, France and Italy, notes that just over a third of the respondents (36 percent) named higher gas prices as a reason to purchase a greener car. Responses from participants who have driven a hybrid or electric vehicle (EV) suggest today’s green car makers need to step up their game in order to really impress consumers on factors beyond fuel economy.
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Panasonic EVP Bob Perry: Consumers Desire Choice

Panasonic (s PC) EVP Bob Perry made it clear at this week’s TV of Tomorrow Show that there’s not much love lost in America for cable TV. He joked that even Wall Street bankers might be more popular than cable execs, and warned that cable companies won’t survive if they continue to force consumers into a business model that nobody wants. “There is over a hundred million households yearning to be free,” he says.
Perry also had another warning for the cable industry: Government has stepped in before to enforce competition and decouple infrastructure from services. The phone business went through this transition, and power companies have been facing similar regulations, he said. Could cable be next? Will Congress eventually force cable companies to open up their pipes for competitors to sell programming? “It certainly happened to many other businesses,” he mused.
Of course, cable isn’t the only gatekeeper in this newteevee world. Device makers increasingly hold the key to over the top platforms, deciding which services to include and which to leave out. So how will Panasonic deal with this responsibility? I decided to find out and ask Perry a few more questions.
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Uh Oh, Hybrid: Prius Joins List of Toyota Safety Woes

2010 Toyota PriusWord out of Japan this morning of a possible defect in Toyota’s 2010 Prius — the third generation model of the popular hybrid — adds another scuff to the reputation of an automaker already grappling with its largest ever vehicle recall. As the New York Times reports, the Japanese government on Wednesday said it has ordered the hybrid leader to investigate a potential problem with the 2010 Prius braking system after 14 complaints came in that brakes on the Prius “have momentarily stopped working when driving at low speeds, especially on slippery services.” Yikes.

This latest blow to Toyota’s reputation could also be a major pothole for the larger hybrid and green car market. The braking system on the Prius — a “regenerative” system that captures energy as the vehicle slows down and feeds it into the car’s batteries — is one of the key technologies for boosting fuel economy. Regardless of whether Toyota finds a true defect in the Prius, the shadow of doubt about safety could also make Toyota’s upcoming plug-in version of the popular model — and others like it — a tougher sell.

Donate Directly to Haiti Relief Efforts via iTunes

One very impressive thing about the international reaction to Haiti’s recent devastating earthquake is the many, many ways you can contribute to relief efforts. The Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations acted quickly, setting up donations via the web, through partnerships with product makers, and through incredibly simple text messages charged directly to your bill.

The flipside is that it can be hard to know exactly which methods are legit, and in which cases the bulk of your donation actually goes to relief work. Apple (s aapl) and the Red Cross have set up a method for donating money that makes it very simple to make a contribution that will go entirely towards helping Haitians deal with the fallout of this tragic event; you can now donate via iTunes. Read More about Donate Directly to Haiti Relief Efforts via iTunes

Detroit Auto Show Day 1: Plug-ins, Hybrids & Protesters, Oh My

UPDATED Automakers got their green on today at Day 1 of the North American International Auto Show at Detroit’s Cobo Center, unveiling new hybrid concepts and announcing manufacturing plans for electric vehicles. Government officials and citizen protesters showed up too, respectively issuing praise for the industry’s efforts to boost fuel economy and criticism for the investment of tax dollars to bail out car companies. We’ve sorted through the avalanche of announcements coming out of the event today and put together some of the most interesting schemes, photos, statements and happenings from the Detroit Auto Show so far.

Toyota’s FT-CH Hybrid Concept and Plans for a Prius Family: After releasing only teaser images ahead of the Detroit Auto Show of its Prius-spawn, the FT-CH dedicated hybrid concept, Toyota finally pulled back the sheets on the new model today. The company also confirmed plans for a larger family of hybrids under the Prius brand and said the FT-CH represents just one model under consideration for production in the Prius lineup. Read More about Detroit Auto Show Day 1: Plug-ins, Hybrids & Protesters, Oh My

Milestone: Toyota to Launch “Affordable” Plug-in Prius in 2011

When Toyota (s TM) detailed plans this summer to lease hundreds of plug-in hybrids based on its popular Prius model by year’s end, the automaker called the program “a key first step in confirming how and when we might bring large numbers of plug-in hybrids to global markets.” Today Toyota both nailed down a time frame and hinted at a price for the next step: launching the plug-in hybrid versions of the Prius in 2011, initially at a scale of several tens of thousands of vehicles per year. Toyota Executive Vice President Takeshi Uchiyamada also reiterated to Bloomberg reporters in Tokyo on Monday that the automaker plans to start selling an all-electric vehicle designed for short distances by 2012 — the year Toyota has previously said it plans to roll out an electric model based on the FT-EV for short urban commutes.

The hybrid leader’s plans to go ahead with the plug-in Prius in 2011 with a price tag that Uchiyamada suggested today could be as low as $35,000 marks a milestone for lithium-ion battery technology. Earlier this year, Toyota commented that the benefits of lithium batteries — small fuel economy gains in hybrids over nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries due to lighter weight — did not justify the higher cost. But for the upcoming plug-in hybrid model, Uchiyamada said today the pricing will be “affordable,” at less than $10,000 above the cost of the regular Prius in order to make the model cheaper than after-market conversion kits. Read More about Milestone: Toyota to Launch “Affordable” Plug-in Prius in 2011