Patch’s new math: the painful path to profit

Patch, the networks of sites that was supposed to bring local news to every community in the country, is set to shrink significantly. This reveals – again – why the business for local news business online doesn’t work.

Can MIT’s Media Lab help to reinvent local media?

The Knight Foundation says it wants to help reinvent local and community-level media through the Center for Civic Media at MIT — the non-profit entity just announced new funding for the center, and a new director in online media pioneer and long-time Harvard University fellow Ethan Zuckerman.

EveryBlock Learns Secret to Local News: People

Hyper-local site EveryBlock started out as an automated news aggregator, pulling in feeds based on specific locations. But founder Adrian Holovaty says he has realized that data is nothing without human interaction, and so the site has relaunched with more of a focus on community.

Hyper-Local News: It’s About the Community or It Fails

AOL has agreed to acquire, a hyper-local news aggregator, for substantially less than investors put into the company. Like many other experiments in hyper-local news, it failed to connect with the communities it was supposed to be serving, and that is the kiss of death.

Is Hyper-Local News Doomed, or Did TBD Just Get Sandbagged?

The dismantling of Washington-based local news site TBD has some arguing that such local online-media ventures are doomed to failure, but others maintain that the site’s demise was a result of corporate infighting, and says nothing about the strength of the original concept.