SpringSource Buys Hyperic for Enterprise Push

logo-combo-greenSpringSource, an open-source development platform provider, said today it’s purchased Hyperic, a move that will allow it to offer its corporate customers the ability to build, run and manage their applications together. The companies share the same investors — Accel Partners and Benchmark Capital — but Javier Soltero, CEO of Hyperic, says the deal, the terms of which were not disclosed, came about after conversations between he and Rod Johnson, CEO of SpringSource, rather than at the behest of investors. Read More about SpringSource Buys Hyperic for Enterprise Push

VCs Have Their Heads in the Clouds

After spending the past few years pouring money into Facebook applications and me-too social networks, venture firms are starting to invest in infrastructure again, with both hardware and software plays tied to the cloud.

Werner Vogels Explains Amazon Web Services’ Philosophy

One of the questions that I really wanted to get answered at Structure 08 was what the chances of survival are for the myriad of startups out there building their businesses around Amazon’s Web Services. Companies such as RightScale, Hyperic and Soasta depend on both the success of AWS and its shortcomings — the solutions to which they propose to offer. So I sat down with the online retailer’s CTO, Werner Vogels, to see how Amazon viewed this ecosystem. My takeaway? I think most of the these firms are safe. Read More about Werner Vogels Explains Amazon Web Services’ Philosophy

A Window on the Cloud

Outsourcing compute power is wonderful — until something goes wrong. Unfortunately, when an Amazon Web Service goes down it’s hard to know why, and it’s even harder to know how well a particular cloud is performing in the first place. To make the cloud more transparent, open source cloud management software vendor Hyperic has launched www.CloudStatus.com, a web site that lets a user peek in on the various compute clouds to see how things are running.

CloudStatus measures service availability, latency and throughput for cloud-based infrastructure and application services. The initial release provides metrics for Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud, Simple Storage Service, SimpleDB, Simple Queue Service and Flexible Payment Service. Read More about A Window on the Cloud