Getting Closer to Real Time With Hadoop

hadoop-logoHadoop, as a pivotal piece of the data mining renaissance, offers the ability to tackle large data sets in ways that weren’t previously feasible due to time and dollar constraints. But Hadoop can’t do everything quite yet, especially when it comes to real-time work flow. Fortunately, a couple of innovative efforts within the Hadoop ecosystem, such as Hypertable and HBase, are filling the gaps, while at the same time providing a glimpse as to where Hadoop’s full capabilities might be headed. Read More about Getting Closer to Real Time With Hadoop

Why Storage Needs More Structure

Hadoop, Cassandra, HBase, Hypertable, Open Neptune… these are some open source projects that are being pursued by web technologists in order to deal with explosion of digital data in a post-terabyte world. The traditional way to deal with unstructured data isn’t working. What we need is a structured means of finding, accessing, and retrieving files and objects.