App Review: Hysteria Project — iPhone Owner Stalked By Maniac

title=Hysteria Project

Chased through a trap-laden forest by an axe-wielding murderer, Hysteria Project is a step in a much darker direction for the iPhone.

Reviewing Asteroids-esque shooter The Void last week, I mentioned that some iPhone (s aapl) games are ditching the cute and getting darker. With their first release, the BulkyPix team have taken the anti-cute movement further: chopping up any semblance of cuteness with a rusty axe, putting the bits into garbage bags and burying the bags in a creepy forest.
Hysteria Project is a choose-your-own-adventure for the iPhone. Blending atmospheric film sequences with quick-fire decision-making to create an intense horror experience. Read More about App Review: Hysteria Project — iPhone Owner Stalked By Maniac

What Did You Endure for an iPhone?

Mr Johnson (seriously?) got himself snipped in order to get the go ahead from The Boss (c’mon married guys, we all know it’s true) to buy himself an iPhone. Funny Story.
Funnier is that just tonight my father-in-law relayed a story of his evening waiting in line for the iPhone. Turns out a guy next to him in line had just come from the hospital. No, hadn’t gotten that part snipped. Rather he’d had part of his LUNG removed. And then? Then he asked to be discharged from the hospital early. Yup – so he could get in line for an iPhone. Dedication my friends.
Got any similarly crazy stories about hurdles overcome for an iPhone?

I Totally Get It – The iPhone is Awesomer. Let’s Move On

I’ve got a couple of friends who have iPhones now. I’ve held one. I’ve played with one. It is indeed killer. Apple seems to have knocked it out of the park, despite some small snags (there were bound to be nit-picky owners out there) and designed a product that lived up to the asinine levels of hype. Way to go Apple!!

But it’s a new week, and holy cow, there are other things happening in the world! Darren Barefoot sums it all up with a grat parody page – iPhatigue.

Waiting for Rev B of The iPhone

say no to iphoneThe gadget junky in me is screaming out for an iPhone. I even gave my best pitch to my wife on why she wanted a semi-used Samsung Blackjack, but I knew, and she knew it wasn’t to be. Yet.

In early January 2007 (B.i. – Before iPhone) I had been rocking my Blackjack for a month or so. It was great and fulfilled all my mobile needs – especially where 3G coverage was available. Then came MacWord 2007, (and henceforth time would be known as A.i. – After iPhone) and everyone went stark raving mad about the iPhone.

In recent months, leading up to TODAY (or the iSecondComing as many seem to see it as) I’ve been asked repeatedly, “Do you want an iPhone?” “Are you getting an iPhone?” “The iPhone will cure hunger and bring world peace, you’re getting yours on June 29th, right?” My honest reaction has always been that:

Yes, I definitely think it’s gonna rock, and Yes I’d like to get one. But no, I won’t be getting one for now – my Blackjack does what I need and will until a Revision B model of the iPhone is released.

And finally I find that someone else is of nearly the exact same mindset as me. Jeff Atwood has put together a tremendously thoughtful article on the topic, and echoes my opinions almost exactly. But his version is much more eloquent and with much more [interesting] detail. I recommend the read – probably while you’re waiting in a line someplace for an iPhone…

AT&T Stores Prepare for iPhone Hordes

Ars reports that AT&T stores will be closing early on June 29th in order to setup and prepare for the 6pm launch of the iSecondComing, er, iPhone. There will be nice velvet ropes to que the eager techies into the stores and handle sales on a first come first served basis. Oh, and they’ll be closing at 10pm in case the 4 phones per store hold out that late…

Couple questions comes to mind:

1 – How many people will really be lining up for this ‘event’? OS X releases are generally mad houses – and those are attended only by Mac-wielding fans. With the iPhone being an equal opportunity (or OS) piece of tech, this could be one crazy night. I’ve a feeling these AT&T retails stores are in over their heads on this one.

2 – Will the AT&T employees be instructed to clap and cheer when they open the doors, similar to big Apple Store events? Will there be Apple Store staff on hand to supplement the AT&T staff?

Should be one interesting evening my friends. Who’s going to be attending?