Apple Shutting Down Quattro Wireless Ad Service

In a move that’s not a complete surprise, Apple is shutting down the Quattro Wireless mobile ad network it acquired earlier this year. Apple won’t accept new ad campaigns via Quattro will start phasing out existing campaigns. Instead, it will focus solely on its iAd service.

iAd Approval Process Pains Sound Familiar

In April, Apple saw the money to be had in targeted advertising, and announced it would take an ownership role for ads running on its mobile platform by creating iAd. However, marketers don’t seem to be finding the process of working with Apple very easy.

Google’s App Inventor: Escalating the Mobile Ad War?

Google’s new App Inventor could create a wave of new apps to serve as vehicles for mobile advertisements. But with Android Market already developing a Wal-Mart-like reputation, the do-it-yourself developer kit needs to produce apps people really use — and ones advertisers will really pay for.

Quick Tip: Opt Out of iAd Data Collection

It’s been a little over a week since Apple started rolling out iAd, its new advertisement feature for iOS 4. The first ads started to appear on July 1. However, for some, iAd brings up a privacy concern, so we show you how to opt out.