The Digits blends video and gaming to make math rock for kids

Creator Scotty Iseri describes his new educational interactive web series and app experience as “gamified narrative” — he also approaches it as a start-up. The Digits, available on Android and iOS, frames math concepts for the elementary school set.

Web video world heads to Vegas for CES awards show

What happens in Vegas… may lead to new alliances between web series producers and CE makers: The IAWTV will be hosting its first awards show for web content makers conjunction with the 2012 Consumer Electronics show. It’s also the first post-Streamys awards show for IAWTV.

Tubefilter’s Baldwin: ‘There… Will Be a Streamys 2011’

The IAWTV announced on Tuesday that they would not be continuing to partner with the Streamy Awards, a for-profit annual event owned by the principals of Tubefilter. Here, Tubefilter co-founder Drew Baldwin answered questions about the decision and where the Streamys are heading next.

IAWTV Dumps Streamys for Its Own Awards Show

Looking forward to next year’s Streamy Awards? Well, whether or not they happen, the IAWTV won’t be involved. This morning, the organization announced that it would be creating its own awards show to honor achievement in the web video space “benefiting web content creators.”

IAWTV Membership To Open Enrollment

The International Academy for Web Television announced today that it is opening up membership to anyone who wishes to join the organization, following a vote by the IAWTV board of directors during their Oct. 5 board meeting. New members will join the organization in 2011.

lonelygirl15 Creator, Epic Fu’s Diaz Elected to IAWTV Board

The International Association of Web Television today announced the five new members of the Board of Directors, chosen in a special election after five of the original board members — Brady Brim-Deforest, Josh Cohen, Marc Hustvedt, Mo Koyfman and Jamison Tilsner — stepped down.

The IAWTV Is Figuring Out What It Wants To Be When It Grows Up

The current status of the International Association for Web Television and the potential relationship between the not-yet-officially-a-nonprofit organization and the for-profit Streamy Awards dominated Wednesday night’s town hall meeting.

Streamy Awards Keep Geoblocked Shows In the Game

After two weeks of debate across many sites, including ours, the Streamy Awards organizers this morning released a statement on the issue of whether geoblocked series would be eligible for consideration in this year’s awards. The answer: Despite the fact that the IAWTV, whose members cast the votes for the Streamy Awards, is officially an international organization of web series professionals (that’s what the I in the acronym is for), shows only available in one region are still eligible, though “will be at a disadvantage to web series the whole world can watch.”

To exclude geoblocked shows from the Streamys would mean that many of those released via Hulu, Crackle and other major players would be ineligible, thus dramatically lowering the award show’s potential star power while also failing to accurately represent the breadth of web series content currently being produced. Also, because the event is an annual one, it would be tough at this point to change the rules for the 2010 show. The decision does, however, create additional difficulties for the IAWTV in building a truly international presence, which has been a hot-button topic ever since the group’s first public meeting.

The important issue to consider here is the fact that the Streamys, by virtue of the event’s position, does have influence that it shouldn’t be afraid to wield in the future. Read More about Streamy Awards Keep Geoblocked Shows In the Game