Researchers are cracking text analysis one dataset at a time

A handful of new research projects from Google, IBM and the Allen Institute for AI highlight the ongoing quest to build computer systems capable of analyzing written language based on understanding concepts rather than just keywords.

IBM invests in e-retail specialist, and Watson user, Fluid

IBM has made another investment out of the $100 million it has set aside to fund companies using the Watson cognitive computing system, this time investing an undisclosed amount of money into a company called Fluid. IBM and Fluid are working on an application, called Expert Shopper, that will let consumers ask complex, natural language questions on retail websites and receive product recommendations in return. Fluid is IBM’s second publicly announced Watson-fund investment, with the first going to a health care startup called Welltok. Both were early partners in IBM’s cloud-based Watson service and API.

Disruption: It moves in mysterious ways

Google today released a new video showcasing the user interface of its Google Glass efforts. On the surface it might look like a hands free camera, but in reality it can open up a lot of new possibilities. Just like the iPad did before it.

What’s the Deal with Watson and Cloud Computing?

The use of cloud-based platforms is a natural location for this technology. Consider the massive amount of processing and storage requirements, and the ability to provide these services at a reasonable price.