Soon you’ll be able to read iBooks on your Mac

Apple debuted iBooks for Mac at WWDC in San Francisco Monday. The desktop app will be available as part of the launch of OSX Mavericks this fall and will allow purchasing as well as reading.

Apple releases iBooks 3, expands to more countries

At Apple’s iPad Mini launch event in San Francisco on Tuesday, the company also announced updates to its e-reading platform, iBooks. In addition, Apple is reportedly expanding the iBookstore to 18 more countries, including many in Latin America.

Apple is already fighting Amazon in the ebook price wars

Apple didn’t want to compete with Amazon on ebook prices. But it is already showing that it is more than willing to do so. And if customers are drawn to Apple’s new low prices on ebooks, it’s possible to envision the company’s ebook market share rising.

Smashwords gets more self-published ebooks into libraries

Digital self-publishing site Smashwords is making it easier for self-published authors to get their ebooks into libraries. The site is allowing certain libraries to buy Smashwords titles in bulk, and is also adding custom library pricing options for its authors.