Apple Brings 3G VoIP to the iPhone

While the world was watching Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveil the iPad, voice over IP programs that use AT&T’s 3G network were finally being released for the iPhone. So far iCall and fring have 3G VoIP apps while Skype and Nimbuzz do not.

The New iPhone Is Apptastic!

Today’s launch of the 3G iPhone has some welcome changes to the phone itself, but also highlighted the details behind the iPhone development platform. It’s nice to know that when the iPhone comes out on July 11 a horde of programmers have been working around the clock to port and build applications for it. Below are some coming and existing attractions to download to your iPhone.

Productivity and Information (or things your boss won’t mind you using):

iCall: A free Wi-Fi VoIP calling service that allows a user to switch calls from the cellular to the Wi-Fi network, even mid-call. Very handy for saving your minutes. It’s still in beta, though.

Associated Press Mobile News Network: Native app from the AP to offer local news depending on location. Users can also contribute photos taken with their iPhone to the AP. Like almost all news on the web, it’s free.

LingoLook: This foreign-language flashcard maker is taking its paper products and digitizing them for the iPhone, costing $7.95 $4.99 for digital flashcards in each language. And because these cards are so cool, I’ll tell you that BlackBerry and PocketPC users can download them too. Read More about The New iPhone Is Apptastic!