Should Google and Amazon be allowed to control domains?

Google and Amazon have applied for dozens of new top-level domains — including .blog and .book, as well as .search and .cloud — and many of these will be for the exclusive use of the two companies, which critics say is bad for the web.

Why the new domain-name lottery is a train wreck

Do we really need addresses that end in .beer or .movie or .pizza? ICANN seems to think that we do — the agency that controls the domain system says it wants to increase competition, but it seems more likely to cause unnecessary chaos and upheaval.

LOL! Google to purchase .lol, .youtube domain names

ICANN, the organization that assigns names for websites, will unveil hundreds of new top level domains on June 13 that join familiar suffixes like “.com” or “.org” It appears that some of the names will be run by Google.

ICANN unleashes the mother of all domain-name land grabs

The agency that controls the domain name system — the central directory for the internet — has launched a program that could create hundreds of new domains. But critics, including the FTC, say there is no need, and the only outcome will be chaos and lawsuits.