Iceland and Wikileaks Try to Make the World Safe for Secrets

Does the world need a refuge for secret information provided by whistle-blowers? Iceland’s parliament seems to think so: they just approved a bill that would create exactly that. The initiative started with Wikileaks, the secretive group that recently leaked video of a contentious U.S. military attack.

Volcano-Stranded Travelers Turn to Social Media

The Icelandic volcano eruption that stranded hundreds of thousands of travellers on Friday showed no signs of letting up on the weekend. Many of those stranded took to Twitter and Facebook to share stories and to try and find accommodations and alternate routes to their destinations.

Wikileaks Asks CIA to Stop Spying on It

Wikileaks, the crusading non-profit web site that publishes documents companies and governments don’t want released, is alleging that the U.S. State Department and possibly the CIA have been spying on the group, following them on airplanes and even monitoring their meetings in an Icelandic fish-and-chip restaurant.

Iceland Looks to Create Information Haven

The Icelandic government is expected to put forward legislation that could turn the northern nation into an international freedom-of-information haven, thanks in part to the efforts of Wikileaks and the country’s recent experiences with corporate and government inaction and secrecy during its banking crisis.