Here’s what your smart home interface looks like on a Pebble watch

pebble interface crop
I snapped this picture of an iControl employee wearing a Pebble and showing off Time Warner Cable’s(s twc) connected home app on the watch this week. My first thought was that the interface is too cramped to make this a great option, but then I realized for someone (like me) who never has a smartphone, it might actually be handy. I also think using the watch to send crucial notifications (your garage door is open or someone just opened your gun safe) with a gentle buzz would be useful.

The AllSeen Alliance adds AT&T, iControl and more as new members

The AllSeen Alliance, which is attempting to build an open platform for connected devices to discover and communicate to one another without lengthy one-off programming, has added 10 new members. They are AT&T Digital Life(s t), Affinegy, GOWEX, iControl Networks, Kii, Muzzley, Patavina Technologies, 2lemetry, Tuxera and Vestel Group. While I’d still like to see Samsung, Nest/Google(s goog) or another large consumer brand here, the addition of AT&T and iControl signal that homes using service provider automation will adopt the AllJoyn protocol. That’s a large market as iControl provides the base for Comcast(s cmcsa) and Time Warner Cable’s(s twc) home automation products. And in the platform game, the more end consumers you have using the standard, the better.

Popular cable smart home platform iControl opens up

The company behind many popular cable home automation systems is opening up to outside devices and developers. For now, a limited number of devices work with iControl’s OpenHome Partner Program, but it’s a start.

Missing PowerMeter & Hohm? Here are 12 other home energy tool options

Internet giants Google and Microsoft have officially given their web-based energy management tools the Donald Trump (as in You’re Fired!), and lannounced that they would be closing them down. But there are still over a dozen options trying to tackle this difficult market.