Yuuguu Inside: Screensharing Comes to AIM, ICQ, MSN & Yahoo

It’s been a busy few weeks for the team at online meeting service Yuuguu, with the announcement of Linux and Flash clients as well as support for Google Talk users.
Earlier today the company rounded out its ‘Yuuguu Inside’ strategy by extending its integration of Google Talk buddies to users from AIM, ICQ, MSN and Yahoo’s instant messaging networks, bringing cross-platform and cross-network support to the company’s ‘Yuuniverse’.
With a reach extending into hundreds of millions now, its easier than ever for users of the service to invite participants to a Yuuguu session, though it remains to be seen if removing previous barriers actually makes a difference in adoption of screensharing over face-to-face meetings.
Regardless, Yuuguu remains a useful free tool for web workers and one that now extends a little further.
UPDATE: Yuuguu CEO Anish Kapoor assures me that a bug in the acceptance of .Mac-based AIM screennames will shortly be resolved.

New Motion Tablet PC rumors in Alaska

Motion logoWe heard from a jkOnTheRun reader in Alaska that Motion Computing is going to release a new Tablet PC soon.  According to our source who has requested anonymity, when asked when a current Motion owner should upgrade to a newer model the Motion representative said:

“I would wait a month. We’ve got a new tablet coming out that’s definitely worth waiting for. It will literally change the entire tablet scape. If you’re thinking about buying, I would wait.”

This is obviously a new device and not the innovative new medical Tablet PC that Motion recently announced.  Motion makes fantastic slate Tablet PCs and this new mystery model would be the first consumer device released since Motion entered into the manufacturing agreement with ASUS.  Motion whenever you want to give a few hints about this revolutionary new Tablet PC we’re all ears.

Litefeeds, easy way to get mobile RSS

Addicted to RSS? Litefeeds will send everything to any wireless device – Blackberry, Pocket PC, Palm, Java Phone.. you need to download the application. The site is slow and quirky.