IDC rethinks its big data forecast; still pegs it at $32B by 2017

IDC has released its forecast for the big data market and predicts it will grow to $32.4 billion by 2017, at a compound annual growth rate of 27 percent. The fastest-growing segment will be cloud infrastructure, which IDC predicts will grow at 49 percent per year. Last year, IDC predicted a $23.8 billion market by 2016 at a CAGR of 31.7 percent. It also predicted the storage would be the fastest-growing segment at 53.4 percent. The research firm acknowledges the changes and attributes them (and other changes in methodology) to fluidity in a new, fast-moving market — a fair point and a smart decision if the company wants its forecast to remain relevant.

The PC market is slightly less terrible than last quarter

The rate at which the PC market contracted during Q2 is still in the double digits, though it was ever so slightly better than the previous quarter. IDC says PC makers are still struggling against the rising tide of tablets.

More bad news for server makers

Updated: Will the server market ever come back? IDC research shows worldwide revenue on server sales off nearly 8 percent year over year.