The new hotness in energy storage: gravel

Can a humble system of gravel and a heat pump provide a breakthrough for utility-scale energy storage? British startup Isentropic thinks so, and this week announced that they’ve raised $22 million in project funding and an equity investment.

Solar Stirling startup Infinia looking to raise $25M

Infinia, a solar startup which is using Stirling engines to produce solar power, is looking to raise $25 million in funding, and has closed $6 million of that round according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Solar-Powered Steam Courtesy of Thermata

The heat and rays of the sun aren’t just being harnessed for electricity. An early stage startup called Thermata, backed by Bill Gross’ Idealab, is looking to build a business around solar-powered boilers that produce steam for industrial processes.

First Solar Snaps Up RayTracker for Tracking Tech

First Solar’s own power generation projects have always been mounted on racks that don’t tilt throughout the day to follow the sun, but the company is exploring the use of trackers. First Solar announced Friday it has bought RayTracker for an undisclosed sum.

Idealab’s Internet Brands to Go Private Again

Internet Brands, which operates hundreds of leading vertical service-oriented websites such as and and was spun off from Idealabs in a public stock offering three years ago, has agreed to be acquired by Hellman and Friedman Capital, a private equity firm, for $640 million.

Logitech CEO: Why We Embrace Google TV

Logitech’s CEO Jerry Quindlen doesn’t think that consumers are sick of buying new boxes for the living room. In fact, he believes that the Google TV-powered set-top box his company is introducing this fall will lead to consumers buying even more hardware.