How to fix Twitter

If Twitter is broken, it shouldn’t be that hard to fix. Most of Twitter’s ailments are self-inflicted, and curable by a dose of focus. It must define and serve its audience properly, invest in data licensing, and forget about distracting product development.

We need a political litmus test for tech and SOPA isn’t it

A growing problem as the web becomes more central to how we share and work is that an average person doesn’t know how abstract laws can affect their lives and the media doesn’t expose how well (or poorly) politicians understand technology. These questions are a start.

Amazon gives users direct connections to its cloud

Amazon Web Services announced a trio of features designed to lure in enterprise users, including dedicated 1- or 10-Gigabit links to its cloud data centers. AWS is doing everything it can to make its services as flexible, reliable and secure as possible for enterprise users.

Why Facebook “Groups” Is a Big Deal

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week called the newly introduced Groups feature a “fundamental building block of the social web.” If adopted widely by users, Groups could have a significant impact on communications and identity management — both inside and outside of the social network.