Tech media pioneer Pat McGovern dies at 76

Pat McGovern, the visionary behind a tech publishing and IT research giant, and philanthropist behind the McGovern Institute for Brain Research died Wednesday.

App Store World Domination in 2010: 300,000 Apps Strong

IDC is making some bold predictions for 2010, one of the boldest being a tripling of the number of applications at Apple’s App Store. In reality, that might actually be a conservative guess.

According to IDC, the App Store will have 300,000 applications by the end of next year. Looking at the history, that looks pretty good in a chart, except IDC is predicting even faster growth for Google’s Android Market. Read More about App Store World Domination in 2010: 300,000 Apps Strong

F|R: The 9 Signs of a One-hit Wonder

Many entrepreneurs fear being a flash-in-the-pan success — achieving an exit once, but never again. (Some might call this being lucky rather than good.) But while the allure of success inspires us to do great things, achieving it can have an ugly aftereffect: complacency. Vigilance, my friends, is the only path to serial-founder bliss. Here, in descending order, I offer nine leading indicators that you’re headed for one-hit wonderdom.

9. You went and got all tricked out.
I mean with your next business, not your fashion sense. But remember how you got your first hit — with a kindergarten-level UI that any neophyte could comprehend. Sure your friends called you Forrest Gump and sneered that you were lucky; that’s their problem. Trying to prove to your friends that you’re really, truly smart isn’t good business. Delivering a simple, usable concept that solves problems and makes money is. Read More about F|R: The 9 Signs of a One-hit Wonder