Ifbyphone, VoIP Apps Provider Buys Cloudvox

Ifbyphone acquired Cloudvox in a tie-up of players on the fast-changing Internet voice field. We’ll see more consolidation in the space as voice transitions from traditional networks toward an all-IP universe — and as traditional network operators try to differentiate their offerings.

Green Gorillas Shows Kids How To Save The Planet

NTV StationThis week brought the release of Episode 2 of Gorilla in the Greenhouse, an animated educational series from SustainLane. Like the Earth Day debut episode, Great Pacific Garbage Patch, Turn It Up Day is a great piece of work, managing to be both genuinely entertaining and informative. Green gorilla KJ is an enigmatic environmental savant, telling the future through riddles that the kids who share his greenhouse must solve in order to ward off threats to the planet. (And in their spare time, they have a rock band. Of course.)

Gorilla in the Greenhouse fires on all cylinders: It teaches complex issues in a digestible way; it shows the characters taking practical action; and it even goes a little deeper, teaching kids to not buy into the hype about something just because it calls itself green, but to really learn about what’s going on behind the scenes. More episodes are due for 2009, but there’s plenty on the site for kids to run with in the way of extra info and projects in the meantime.

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Is There Money in Voice APIs?

The promise of APIs is that they make it easy to integrate different services — even those provided by different vendors — into a single application. But is simply providing an API to your telephony infrastructure enough to prompt the world to beat a path to your door? Don’t count on it.