Apple’s iPhone dilemma: Should it make a “Chinese special”?

IHS iSuppli points out that Apple is missing a big iPhone opportunity by not supporting China’s unique flavor of 3G. That’s true, but it’s not so simple for Apple to add a new radio technology to the device. It would need to build a Chinese variant.

For basic cable, movies fend off cord-cutting, report says

As basic cable original series prove to be important product differentiators for over-the-top services like Netflix, some of the networks that produce these shows are actually relying more on high-priced theatrical movie acquisitions to maintain or increase their subscriber counts and drive ad revenue

As iOS sales grow, who benefits? The gyroscope market!

Apple is now taking most of the smartphone profits, but some component manufacturers are coming along for the ride. Sales of gyroscopes rose 66 percent in 2011 over the prior year as record iOS device sales pushed the small motion sensor market to new highs.

22 Carbon Management Software Firms You Should Know About

powerplantgenericYep, there are actually 22 firms selling software to help companies and governments manage their carbon footprints. And most of them are older, established companies (here’s our previous list of 10 Carbon Management Startups). Research firm Verdantix put together an extensive list of 22 carbon management software companies and ranked them in categories according to customer wins and features. Verdantix predicts that by 2011, the carbon management software industry will start to boom, rising from $120 million that year to $250 million in 2012, as companies realize that Microsoft Excel and utility bills — the most common way to calculate carbon footprints right now — are ineffective and difficult to use.

By that time, I’d predict that the carbon management market will start to consolidate and some very clear leaders will move far ahead, and others will get bought up or will go under. Already, one company in Verdantix’s “Leaders” category bought up another one. And it will only take a few really big customer wins — city, state or even parts of the federal government or Fortune 500 companies — to push some of these software makers way ahead of others.
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