SMS 2.0 could make its first appearance at MWC

SMS is getting a facelift at Mobile World Congress. Mavenir Systems is launching a messaging platform that could turn carriers’ staid old SMS into a much more vibrant platform on par with Apple’s iMessage. But most importantly, the technology preserves SMS’s most valuable asset: its ubiquity.

Code hints at iChat features coming to iOS devices

We’ve heard about and been excited by the possibility of iMessage coming to the OS X desktop, but there are hints that the Mac’s iChat application could jump the other way and become part of Apple’s Messages app on iOS devices.

5 golden rules for productive digital collaboration

Many have discussed email etiquette, but for the average web worker, the notion of politesse can seem counterproductive. Here, then, are five golden rules for respectful, productive digital communication, whether you’re using email, IM, video chat, phone, or other communications tools.

How to minimize the impact of 5 common distractions

The key to remaining productive is to not let the many distractions in your work day sidetrack you from your primary job. Here are a few tips for taking charge of your day and kicking a few of the most common distractions to the curb.

Skype adds XMPP support, IM interoperability next?

Skype quietly added some XMPP support to its most recentbeta last week. Adopting the open protocol helps Sype to integrate with Facebook, but it could also be used for interoperability with other IM platforms. Just don’t expect to call your Gtalk friends any time soon.

How LiveProfile Netted 1M Users in 5 Days

Did RIM’s BlackBerry platform, which has been pretty much left for dead by the tech press, rocket a messaging app to 1 million users in five days? It sure looks that way, so we talked to LiveProfile’s founder about app success and servers.

VoxOx “Universal Communicator” Rebrands, Updates to 2.5

VoxOx is a great idea: one program that does phone calls, IM, video chat, Skype messaging, conference calling, even incoming faxing. You can select your own phone number. Unfortunately, with an app that does this much, I suppose it’s inevitable that there will be shortcomings.

Must-have Android Apps For Newbies

I’ve recently bought an HTC EVO 4G and have been busy trying out apps for it. So if you or a loved one are in line to get an Android phone for the holidays, here are some of my favorite apps to get you started.