How to analyze 100 million images for $624

O’Reilly Radar has a useful post from Jetpac CTO Pete Warden on how his company, which offers a visual guide to popular places, uses Amazon EC2, Hadoop and an open source computer-vision program called OpenCV to analyze Instagram images. It’s amazing how pervasive cloud computing and big data technologies have become, and how fast they’ve evolved consumers’ expectations of what an application should be. The bad news is developers need to get smart on how to process lots of data,. The good news is the tools to do it are getting less expensive by the day.

Facebook hires NYU deep learning expert to run its new AI lab

Facebook has hired deep learning expert Yann Lecun from New York University to head up its new artificial intelligence lab. It’s part of a bigger push along with — and against — companies like Google and Microsoft to advance research while improving their platforms.

The Dropbox computer vision acquisition that slipped under the radar

Dropbox acquired computer vision startup Anchovi Labs and its Ph.D. founders in September 2012 to very little fanfare. But the skillset they bring could be integral as Dropbox seeks to grow into a platform and competitors like Google and Yahoo beef up their image-recognition capabilities.

Dropcam’s new camera is crystal clear — and it’s learning, too

Dropcam has released a new monitoring camera called the Dropcam Pro that’s remarkably high-resolution, but also very smart. A new user experience enables advanced zooming from a smartphone, and cloud-based machine learning algorithms are letting users filter their video feeds.