Taking, editing, and sharing photos in iOS7

One of the most popular things we do with our smartphones is taking pictures. There are a few new tricks when it comes to photos in iOS 7 and the new iPhones.

Will the iPad spark a new video creation revolution?

Quick question: How many times have you seen someone using a tablet to capture video or take pictures? The odds are likely that most will answer “never,” but with the introduction Apple’s new iPad I think that answer is about to change, for three reasons.

Hands on with iBooks Author: The desktop publisher grows up

iBooks Author is like a candy land for aspiring, adventurous writers; it’s easily as intuitive as something like Keynote, iPhoto or iMovie, and it integrates smoothly with all those programs to allow you to use content from each in creating your e-books.

Apple event preview: Tools to bolster in-school iPad use

Apple’s plans for its Thursday media event have been the subject of considerable speculation. Now a new report released Wednesday adds a little more weight to recent suggestions that the focus will be on tools that help produce e-books and other educational materials on the iPad.

Magisto: An iOS app that makes home videos cool

Although devices that shoot high-definition video are cheaper and more ubiquitous than ever, amateur videos themselves have not gotten any better to watch. That’s where a new iPhone app called Magisto comes in: It turns any simple iPhone video into a fully edited movie in minutes.

Apple continues to blur the line between pro and consumer

Final Cut Pro X represents a huge cost savings over its predecessor. But this definitely isn’t the first time Apple has professional caliber tools available at prices within reach of some consumer budgets, and it probably won’t be the last.

4 tips (and a hack) to make your iPad work-worthy

I have to admit, I’m still not convinced that the iPad will be my laptop replacement. However, with the help of the Apple wireless keyboard and some other peripherals and apps, it can come close. Here are some tips to make your iPad work-worthy:

Clipik Crowdsources Your Video Editing Needs

Let’s be honest: Those videos you took during your last vacation — are you really ever gonna edit them? The growing amount of video footage on our hard drives can be intimidating, even with easy editing tools. Clipik wants to solve that issue by crowdsourcing video editing.

Updated, Universal iMovie for iOS Now Available

Apple today released the updated version of its iMovie app for iOS devices. Original iPad owners won’t be able to use the $4.99 app, but it does introduce new features for existing iPhone and iPod touch users, including better editing and more content.