Why mobile advertising is still anyone’s ballgame

Google remains the dominant player in the mobile advertising market, but the company has struggled to capitalize the surging use of smartphone apps. Facebook, on the other hand, has quickly made strides with deep links that encourage users to download other apps.

Why mobile advertising is finally ramping up

A new forecast from eMarketer indicates the U.S. mobile advertising market is picking up steam faster than some had realized. Here are a few key reasons why the near future looks increasingly bright for an industry that has long been over-hyped.

AdMob Releases Windows Phone 7 SDK, Expands HTML5 Support

AdMob is releasing a software development kit for Windows Phone 7 developers and is updating its platform to full HTML5 for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 7. The changes mean developers will be able to include rich media AdMob advertising units easily across all three platforms.