Today in Mobile

Facebook is getting a lot of attention today for the unveiling of its App Center, a hub designed to help users find and download mobile apps based on the Facebook activity of users and their friends. The move is an ambitious one, to be sure, and the App Center will be crucial for the social network as it tries to generate ever-elusive mobile ad revenues. But Facebook’s move to enable carrier billing for in-app purchases is also worth noting. The system provides a simple two-step process for in-app payments that show up on monthly bills, and most operators in the U.S. and the U.K. are already supporting it. Developers of apps within Facebook mobile should integrate this new offering in a hurry.

Apple eases up on in-app subscriptions and purchases

Back in February, Apple announced its in-app subscription API, and it provided an ultimatum that would force developers that sell content for use within their apps to also do so via in-app purchase, or face expulsion. Kindle seemed on the chopping block, but now Apple has relented.