Why Amazon’s in-app sales of physical goods could be big

Developers are getting the ability to sell physical items through Amazon’s mobile in-app purchase system. The first app to get this ability is Activision’s Skylanders Cloud Patrol. This could be a big help for developers looking to monetize their apps through commerce.

How Apple is fighting iOS in-app purchase hack

Apple is investigating a workaround that lets iOS users get in-app purchase content for free. This weekend it used a variety of legal channels to try to resolve the security breach, including taking down the demonstration video on YouTube and getting PayPal to block donations.

Amazon turns on in-app purchasing for its Appstore apps

Amazon is turning on a key money-making tool for developers in its Appstore for Android, letting app makers offer in-app purchase through Amazon. The service allows developers to easily sell in-game currency, upgrades, content and magazine issues with one-click checkouts.

Devs: Want more in-app sales? Build loyalty first

New data from app analytics firm Localytics suggests the best way to make in-app purchase pay is to build loyalty and engagement, which can result in more revenue overall than a quick sell. Localytics found that loyal users generate 25 percent more in-app purchases.

Please Stay Calm thinks location is key to mobile MMOs

New iPhone MMORPG Please Stay Calm takes a lot of what makes freemium gaming titles successful on the App Store, and adds in a dash of zombies, and a heaping helping of location services. It’s social survival horror in your backyard — and it’s pretty awesome.

Boku’s Eurotrip nets big mobile payment deals

Mobile payments start-up Boku has signed a deal with Telefonica, the huge mobile carrier with almost 300 million subscribers, who will use Boku to power its payment API for BlueVia, its global developer program. It comes a week after Boku secured deals with two French carriers.