Apple Adds Additional Password Protection for In-App Purchases

UPDATED: In an apparent attempt to quell concerns from parents, regulators and legislators, Apple has moved to require password entry on every iOS in-app purchase, closing a 15-minute grace period that some children used to inadvertently rack up pricey charges of virtual goods.

FTC Eyes Apple In-App Purchases By Children

The FTC is reviewing Apple’s in-app purchase system because of concerns about the ease with which children are buying virtual goods without realizing the actual cost. FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz said in a letter the commission would examine the way Apple markets its apps to children.

Apple Contemplating Reduction in 15-Minute App Purchase Window

In an apparent response to rising concerns about children buying costly virtual goods in freemium apps, Apple is reportedly discussing the possibility of reducing a 15-minute purchase window for users to make purchases with only one password sign-in.