Apple eases up on in-app subscriptions and purchases

Back in February, Apple announced its in-app subscription API, and it provided an ultimatum that would force developers that sell content for use within their apps to also do so via in-app purchase, or face expulsion. Kindle seemed on the chopping block, but now Apple has relented.

Mac App Store is a big success

At the WWDC Keynote on Monday, Phil Schiller went through a few facts about the success of the App Store. In the six months it has been open, the Mac App Store has become the No. 1 channel for purchasing Mac software, surpassing big retail stores.

Lodsys Fires Back With Lawsuits for Some App Developers

In response to Apple’s letter claiming that the license it holds for using technology ostensibly patented by Lodsys, the patent holding firm has filed suit against a number of App Store developers Tuesday. The firm claims Apple’s license does not in fact extend to developers.

EFF Spells Out the Problem With Lodsys/Apple Mess

Lodsys, the patent holding company going after iOS developers, is little more than a “patent troll” according to the EFF. But Apple takes a nearly equal share of the blame for the situation in a new blog post by the Foundation posted Friday.

Lodsys Speaks Out About iOS In-App Purchase Threats

Lodsys, the company suing iOS developers for patent infringement over in-app purchases, has created a blog in response to the situation. The blog posts reveal a very good grasp of patent law, but likely won’t satisfy developers or keep Apple from trying to stop Lodsys.

Indie Devs Get Hit With Lawsuit Threats Over In-App Purchases

App Store developers who offer in-app purchasing are receiving threats of legal action today. The threats accuse devs of patent infringement regarding Apple’s in-app purchase mechanism, but the patent holder appears to be targeting independent developers individually instead of going after Apple itself.

How In-App iOS Subscriptions Will Work

Apple today introduced in-app subscriptions alongside newspaper app The Daily. No details about subscriptions were revealed at the announcement event for the app, but luckily Apple’s own updated terms of service for the iTunes Store shed some light on what to expect.

Fed Up With Android Market, Angry Birds Flies to Carrier Billing

Rovio is taking its success with Angry Birds — 50 million downloads and counting — and using it to launch a new carrier-billing payment system. The mobile developer said it is launching Bad Piggy Bank early next year, allowing one-touch in-app billing to a user’s wireless bill.

Eliminate Pro Becomes First Free App in the Top Grossing List

eliminate_proI’m not sure how many of you are playing Eliminate Pro on your iPhones, but I’m guessing it has to be a fairly high number, considering the app’s success since its recent launch. ngmoco’s ambitious first-person shooter for Apple’s (s aapl) mobile platform is third overall in the App Store’s Top Free list, but what’s more impressive is the number 22 spot it currently occupies in the Top Grossing list of apps.

That’s a huge step for the micropayments business model made possible by the introduction of in-app purchasing in iPhone OS 3.0. It marks the first real evidence that developers can make good money offering a “freemium” model on the iPhone platform, with users getting the initial product for free, but paying for in-game rewards and additional content. Read More about Eliminate Pro Becomes First Free App in the Top Grossing List