Apple in-app subscriptions are now open to games, too

Apple will be letting game publishers use in-app subscriptions, too, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Big Fish Games is the first publisher to use the feature and will allow users to access dozens of its titles for a recurring fee of $6.99 per month.

iOS 5: Newsstand

Along with many other changes, iOS 5 ushers in Newsstand, Apple’s centralized hub for dealing with subscription-based digital newspapers and magazines. Many existing iOS apps already support Newsstand, so you may already have noticed it at work.

Financial Times finds life outside the App Store pretty good so far

The Financial Times struck out on its own recently with a web-based mobile app, which replaces its native iOS apps. So far, the experiment has been a success, with the app already seing more traffic from the web app than from its iPhone and iPad applications.

Can HTML5 replace an iPad app? Financial Times to find out

One company is about to find out how web apps compete with native iOS App Store offerings in a very direct sense. The Financial Times is out of the App Store, and now depends on an HTML5 tablet-optimized site alone for presence on Apple devices.

Reader’s Digest signs on with iPad in-app subscriptions

Apple’s stable of periodicals available for in-app subscription got a little bigger with the release of an update to Reader’s Digest magazine on Thursday. Reader’s Digest is now offering annual subscriptions (10 issues) for $14.99, or monthly subscriptions at $1.99 through in-app purchase.

Apple eases up on in-app subscriptions and purchases

Back in February, Apple announced its in-app subscription API, and it provided an ultimatum that would force developers that sell content for use within their apps to also do so via in-app purchase, or face expulsion. Kindle seemed on the chopping block, but now Apple has relented.

GQ and Wired Jump on the iPad Subscription Train

Condé Nast continues its rollout of iPad magazine subscriptions with two marquee titles today, Wired and GQ. Both are now available both monthly for $1.99, and yearly for $19.99, and existing print subscribers will be able to access iPad editions for free.

Report: Magazine App Users Are Loyal, Willing to Share Info

Users of Apple magazine apps are likely to be repeat readers, are willing to share their personal info with publishers, and are often repeat users, according to a new report. All of which might explain why publishers are more and more eager to offer in-app subscriptions.

Half of iPad Subscribers Agree to Share Data With Publishers

How many people might you expect to click “Allow” when face with Apple’s forbidding dialog asking you to “Share Your Information?” with publishers? According to a couple of very reliable sources, a surprising 50 percent of iOS subscribers are agreeing to pass their info along.