Smartphones, tablets changing in-flight entertainment

Wireless Internet access on planes is helping to make those long flights bearable, but so too are the influx of personal media devices such as smartphones and tablets. Pretty soon, you’ll be able to buy content in-flight and take it with you after landing!

No phone or laptop? Virgin America to add Wi-Fi to seat-back displays

Virgin America was the first U.S. airline to add in-flight Wi-Fi. Now the tech-savvy Bay Area–based airline is taking it up a notch by announcing it plans to make some Wi-Fi connectivity available through its soon-to-be-upgraded seat-back entertainment system, starting sometime in 2012.

Hipmunk knows you’re addicted to the web

Hipmunk, the hot flight-finding service, has added in-flight Wi-Fi as a new metric for travelers. Sure, this is an indication of how deep the web has sunk its talons into us, but working on flights has become pretty much the standard in many offices.

iPass Adds In-Flight Wi-Fi

The question of whether the Internet should extend into our lives when we are cruising at 30,000 feet has been a heavily debated one. Should airplane cabins be bastions of quiet sanctity from the deluge of information and work that follows us everywhere?