11 Tips for Dealing With Email Overload

A primary source of information overload is our email inboxes. While I’ve previously mentioned a few strategies for dealing with email overload, I think it’s a good time for a post with comprehensive rundown of my tips for managing email.

Struggling to Achieve Inbox Zero? Make It Into a Game!

For many of us, “inbox zero” is the unattainable holy grail of email organization and productivity. While getting to inbox zero through a period of concerted effort just takes a little time and feels quite rewarding, maintaining that empty inbox is difficult.

Kevin Rose Tells You How to Get to Inbox Zero

Swamped by thousands of unread emails? Constantly digging out from under an onslaught of messages, only to find hundreds more coming in the door? Digg founder Kevin Rose has posted five of his tips on how to deal with the never-ending wave of unread email.

10 Tips: My Personal Journey Toward Maintaining Inbox Zero

I get a lot of email and am often frustrated when I miss an important message, just because it slipped down and out of sight into page two of my inbox. I also have a ritual of emptying my inbox and getting to inbox zero (or at least close to zero) twice a year, before my trips to visit my family for the holidays and again in July. There is something so satisfying about starting a trip with a clean inbox, and I’ve been able to get to inbox zero twice a year for many years now. However, this time I wanted to keep it at inbox zero. Read More about 10 Tips: My Personal Journey Toward Maintaining Inbox Zero

6 Tips for Getting to Desktop Zero

Many readers are likely familiar with the Getting Things Done craze of the past few years. This task oriented methodology has spawned a system for managing the chore that is email, with battle-cries of “Inbox Zero!” resounding around the Internet.

While I’m not exactly an “inbox zero” kind of guy (close enough I suppose), I have found that the concept of “desktop zero” rings quite true with me. If you’ve ever seen a computer desktop covered in icons, we’re talking about the antithesis here. Read on to find out some compelling reasons to strive for desktop zero, and some tool tips on how you can easily achieve desktop zen. Read More about 6 Tips for Getting to Desktop Zero

How I’m Getting an Efficient Start on the New Year

The last week of the year is a great time to get organized. Chances are good that many of your coworkers and/or clients have the week off, so it should be a fairly quiet week for most of us. We could spend that extra time goofing off, or we could spend it getting our acts together to get 2010 off to a great start. Here are the steps that I’m taking, and while it’s not quite as extensive as Meryl’s list, it should be achievable this week and set me up well for 2010. Read More about How I’m Getting an Efficient Start on the New Year

TAB Welcomes: Dave Greenbaum

TAB Welcomes:  Dave Greenbaum

TAB Welcomes: Dave Greenbaum

As a new writer here, let me give you the File ? Get Info on me.

For my day job, I own a computer repair business here in Lawrence, Kansas. Drawing on my support background, I focus on practical technology from the user perspective; If I can’t find it useful, I’m not that interested in it. My passion is helping people with technology. I’ve worked in corporate IT and academic computing before settling on residential and small office computer support. I’m also heavily involved in our User Group.

My experience with Apple goes back to Apple IIe days; the first Mac I used was a MacPlus, and owned was a IIvx. Ever since then I’ve been a Mac fan. I even met my spouse through the Lawrence Apple Users’ Group and we’ve been married 10 years this June. Read More about TAB Welcomes: Dave Greenbaum