Why a T-Mobile-MetroPCS merger makes no sense

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Combining T-Mobile and MetroPCS — two carriers with completely incompatible network technologies — defies reason. According to the financial media, the deal is set to happen, but it will be a disaster in the making.

Apple Warns of Programs Snow Leopard Won’t Play Nice With

snow_leopard_boxIn order to prepare for the arrival of Snow Leopard, and hopefully deflect some frustrated tech support calls, Apple (s aapl) overnight updated oodles of support documents and knowledge base articles. One of said documents could be vital to people looking to upgrade today, as it contains the blacklist of really incompatible software for 10.6.

The list is split into two parts. The first, which features software that will be automatically moved to an “Incompatible Software” folder, contains some familiar faces, like Unsanity’s Application Enhancer 2.0.1 and earlier, versions of which caused a fair amount of BSOD (including one of my own) when users upgraded from Tiger to Leopard. At least your system won’t just seize up and die this time around. Other programs on this list include: Read More about Apple Warns of Programs Snow Leopard Won’t Play Nice With