Apple Doubles iPad Production, May Triple Soon

The Apple iPad recently became available to ship within 24 hours for the first time since it began production in April. It looks like that might be due to a ramp up in production on the part of Apple’s manufacturing partners, not a dwindling of interest.

Apple Doubles iPhone’s Cellular Network Download Limit

I’ve cursed the 10MB over-the-air cell data download limit on Apple’s (s aapl) iPhone many a time, especially when trying to grab a podcast or game for use on the train while traveling. Things got slightly better in that regard today, since Apple doubled the download limit for apps, games and iTunes content over 3G and Edge data connections.

Of course, I noticed the bump in download capacity when I absentmindedly tried to download a podcast that exceeded both the old and new limits, so it’s hard to say as of yet how much of an improvement in user experience this actually represents. Likewise, so far every other article I’ve seen regarding the change has found out about it by trying to download something that’s far larger than 20MB. Read More about Apple Doubles iPhone’s Cellular Network Download Limit

Variable iTunes Pricing to Take Effect On April 7


Way back in January, at Macworld 2009 (the last Apple Macworld, remember?), Apple (s aapl) announced a change in the pricing structure for iTunes songs.

The new model, which basically seems to have been a concession to music publishers in order to secure DRM-free tracks, prices individual songs at 69 cents, 99 cents, and $1.29. Currently, all iTunes tracks cost 99 cents. No specific implementation date was cited at the time, but a new report from the L.A. Times indicates that the changes will come April 7. Read More about Variable iTunes Pricing to Take Effect On April 7