Job search site Indeed sells to Japan’s Recruit Co.

Indeed has been a quiet success story, becoming the No. 1 job search site in the world after launching in 2004. Now, it’s being acquired by Japan’s Recruit Co. in a deal that will create a dominant worldwide HR and recruiting service.

Can Adzuna’s job search brighten British classifieds?

With jobs still hard to come by as the downturn rolls on, British startup Adzuna says it wants to help get more people into positions with its job search service — and has ambitious plans to take on its rivals in the competitive classified industry.

Yoskovitz: Be a Data Hog, Make More Money!

Editor’s Note: our readers are familiar now with contributor Ben Yoskovitz’s work. (His company, Standout Jobs was just named one of Canada’s hottest startups. Congratulations, Ben!) This week, on his Instigator Blog, Ben offers a great treatise on how founders can leverage data collecting to make more money for their startups.

The pervading approach to launching a startup is to do it quickly, iterate constantly and make as much noise as possible throughout the process. It’s not a bad way of doing things, and given the lower cost of startup operations, and the nature of consumer web startups in particular, and it’s completely doable. But be careful if you’re not a data hog.

Getting your startup launched as quickly as possible is fine – but you should also spend a good chunk of time preparing to collect data. [Why? Because data is something you can leverage to make money, Ben explains below. ] This means building the necessary infrastructure into your system to collect, review and analyze the data generated by users, right from the start. Read More about Yoskovitz: Be a Data Hog, Make More Money!