Demand for Tata Motors Slumps, Nano Stays in Neutral

Tata Motors (s TTM), India’s largest auto manufacturer and would-be maker of the ultra-cheap Nano and the electric Indica, shut down its factory in Jamshedpur today for the second time in less than a month. Set to last five days, the closure is an attempt to keep vehicles — and losses — from piling up as recession puts the brakes on demand.

LittleSnapper Preview Screencast

After loving Plasq’s Skitch for a while now, I didn’t think I could have feelings for another screen capture utility. At an early glance, it appears I may need to re-evaluate my former stance. Now a days, I’m really looking forward to LittleSnapper from Real Mac Software.

Today the Real Mac folks have released a great screencast of the application doing its thing, sharing screen captures, and I can’t be more excited! It looks very slick visually, and extremely organized for those hoping to keep their Pictures folder in a somewhat presentable state. Writing for The Apple Blog — and for far less important reasons — I take lots of screen shots, so features such as these have a lot of utility for me.
There’s a lot of other great looking features that I can’t wait to play with. Go ahead and take a look at the video below and you too can get excited.
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Facebook & its delusions of grandeur

In the comments of our piece, The Return of the Tech IPO, David Coleman pointed out that Facebook and its $8 billion valuation might just be the proof that we are all getting bubblicious.

Coleman, on his blog, goes on to dissect the irrational exuberance that some of the Facebook backers might be indulging in. Some of his assumptions (like revenue and profit projections we can’t vouch for,) but his argument makes a lot of sense.

Looking at it another way, assuming that Facebook has an extremely healthy profit margin of 24% (like Google for example), the company would have earned about $12 million in profit for the year. At that rate, Facebook is valued at 666 times its current earnings. ….. Facebook, was last estimated to have around 9 million users, so at that valuation, it would be worth a measly $52.2 million! At a $1 billion valuation, Facebook was looking for $111 per user. At $8 billion…well you can figure it out.

T-Mobile chooses Opera 8 for Windows Mobile

T-mobile_sdaiiOpera is the most robust browser for mobile devices and it is good news indeed that T-Mobile has chose Opera for some of their upcoming cell phones.  The first device expected to appear with the Opera browser is T-Mobile’s SDA II Smartphone. Windows Mobile supporters should be very happy with this news.  From the press release:

T-Mobile’s SDA II sports a large (320×240 pixels) QVGA display and comes fully loaded with all the typical Windows Mobile applications such as e-mailing, Mobile Office and a media player in addition to the Opera Web browser.

Opera 8 for Windows Mobile offers Smartphone users more speed, smooth usability and rich content display as they access the full Internet, creating a Web experience unlike any other available for these devices. The browser supports all major Web standards, including CSS2, DOM 2 and JavaScript. Based on Opera’s new core code, Opera 8 for Windows Mobile also includes the latest version of Opera’s unique Small-Screen Rendering™ which dynamically reformats Web pages to fit the width of any screen, eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling.