Drip.fm has indie labels eager to become subscription music services

Waves of music labels are keen to join a recently-launched new platform that promises higher returns than big-name streaming services. But can Drip.fm, which charges the same for just a few tracks each month that Spotify does for millions, entertain users as well as owners?

$300 Indie Dice Nails the Film Noir Style

It’s hard to get more indie than a show shot on $300 by a team of three friends, and thus give the crown to this five-episode drama, which features great cliffhangers and a cool polish that’ll appeal to any Bannen Way fan.

Rumor Has It: iTunes LP Authoring and Submission Coming to iDVD

When Apple (s aapl) revealed its documents and templates detailing the process of creating iTunes LP and Extras for small studios and indie artists to take advantage of, it also noted that for the time being, submission would be manual, but that automated electronic submission was on its way. A new report suggests the vehicle of delivery for that submission could be none other than Apple’s own iDVD media authoring program, part of the iLife suite.

The new ability would be part of a major update to the program, which in turn would be one of a series of updates planned across the iLife catalog for the 2010 version of the software bundle. iDVD hasn’t had a significant refresh in quite a while, and honestly, even the title of the application shows its age. Perhaps a rename will be in order as it transitions to a means of digital publication. Read More about Rumor Has It: iTunes LP Authoring and Submission Coming to iDVD

Apple Opens Doors to iTunes LP for Indie Labels and Artists

Apple (s aapl) said it was going to allow independent content producers open access to the tech and process behind iTunes LP and iTunes Extras, and it has done good on that promise, as TUAW reports. Today Apple has created a dedicated page on its website that offers devs interested in the format “everything you need to know to create a rich, interactive experience around your music and movies. All right in iTunes.”

For those who may have missed it, Apple introduced the iTunes LP and iTunes Extras rich media formats for albums and movies when it released the latest major update to iTunes, version 9. Both LP for music, and Extras for movies, package extra content with a customer’s purchase, including videos, behind-the-scenes info, commentary and more. Read More about Apple Opens Doors to iTunes LP for Indie Labels and Artists

Media Production on a Budget: Adobe Creative Suite Alternatives


OS X has long been labeled the platform for “creatives,” though in recent years it’s finally becoming known for more than that. Adobe’s (s adbe) Creative Suite is generally regarded as the crown-jewel of digital design, and they’re priced to match.

So what if you’re a cash-strapped creative who wants to find some alternatives to Adobe’s popular suite of applications? Here’s a look at several great options that run at a mere fraction of the cost of a Creative Suite package.
Before we begin, we should identify the core applications of the Adobe Creative Suite.

  • InDesign – Page and print layout
  • Photoshop – Image retouching and alterations
  • Illustrator – Vector graphics
  • Dreamweaver – Web development editor
  • Fireworks – Graphics drawing and web optimization
  • Flash – Animated and programmable graphics
  • Premiere – Video editing and creation
  • After Effects – Motion graphics and modeling

First, the bad news. Adobe Flash is unique and proprietary enough in nature that in my hunt, no Mac alternatives were found. (Microsoft’s Silverlight may be an option, but then again, it’s an entirely different beast.) So I’m sorry to say, this post can’t help if you’ve been looking for a way to skirt the world of Adobe’s Flash editor. Also, for our purposes here, I’ve lumped Photoshop and Fireworks together, as the alternatives generally blur the lines between the two offerings. Read More about Media Production on a Budget: Adobe Creative Suite Alternatives

Apple Puts Spotlight on Indie Acts in iTunes

iTunes 7.4

This must be “Update iTunes Content” week at Cupertino or something, because Apple (s aapl) keeps making changes to the music player. First it introduced iTunes Pass, which provides superfans with heaps of exclusive content released on a staggered schedule over a brief subscription period, and now it’s launched the Indie Spotlight.

The Spotlight is a new subcategory of “More in Music,” a subsection along the right side of the iTunes store home page. You can find it right under the other new category, “Original Songs from Idol,” which is oddly its antithetical opposite. Read More about Apple Puts Spotlight on Indie Acts in iTunes

Cinetic Does Digital for Indie Filmmakers

For many filmmakers, the festival circuit is the first, last and only place their work is ever shown. But a new endeavor from Cinetic (rhymes with “kinetic”) Rights Management wants to prove there’s a digital life for all the films that don’t land theatrical distribution deals.

Cinetic Rights Management (CRM) is a new business from Cinetic Media, a film sales agency made famous for getting deals for films like Little Miss Sunshine and Napoleon Dynamite. CRM hopes to extend that indie success by selling films to new online, mobile and VOD distribution channels like iTunes, Amazon, Jaman and more.

Read More about Cinetic Does Digital for Indie Filmmakers