Indiegogo expands international presence to stay ahead of Kickstarter

Kickstarter rival Indiegogo is expanding its international presence by offering support for foreign currencies and languages and providing new localized sites in the UK, Canada, France and Germany. It’s way to stay ahead of Kickstarter, which is also expanding globally.

popSLATE case adds e-ink screen to the back of iPhone 5

Looking to add a second screen experience to a single device? Check out popSLATE, a new iPhone 5 case with a 4-inch e-ink display on the back. The Indiegogo project is looking for $150,000 in funding and pledges start at $79 for the innovative case.

Could Kickstarter be used to crowdfund journalism?

A journalist from Michigan has raised funding through Kickstarter for a project that will see him travel across the U.S. interviewing people about the election. Could that be an alternative model for financing investigative or in-depth reporting by journalists as newspapers continue to cut back?