Can a publisher use crowdfunding to replace ads?

Penny Arcade, a webcomic publisher and event producer, is trying to use Kickstarter to finance its web operations for a year so it can replace traditional banner advertising with a reader-centric model. Could traditional publishers learn something from this crowdfunding experiment?

Soviets, swords, comics and booze: Some crowdfunded projects to check out

Crowdfunding isn’t just a way for big names to raise cash directly from their fans. Here are some samples of the lower profile projects currently seeking funds on the Kickstarter scene, including a video game/fiction hybrid, a documentary about Calvin & Hobbes and a Soviet satire.

Why Louis CK and Amanda Palmer are the future of content

Comedian Louis CK, who made $1 million selling downloads of a show through his website, has sold $4.5-million in tickets to a new tour in 48 hours. He and musician Amanda Palmer show that for content creators, building a community is more important than ever.

IndieGoGo wants to give Kickstarter a run for its money

Crowdfunding, fundraising by collecting relatively small amounts of money from many different people, has become quite popular in recent years. But Kickstarter is not the only startup churning out group funding success stories: San Francisco-based startup IndieGoGo is seeing its own form of crowdfunding success.

5 Questions With…Actor/Producer Stephanie Thorpe

For this week, we’ve got someone comfortable on both sides of the camera. Actor/producer Stephanie Thorpe’s future projects include Night of the Zombie King and Asylum. Here, Thorpe discusses the lack of outreach about quality online content and the value of a good cat video.