Want to start a big data company? Here are 5 things you need to know

While some big data startups are thriving, others are shutting down or searching for buyers because it doesn’t look like a second round of venture capital is coming. Here are a few lessons I think I’ve gleaned from watching the space over the past few years.

CSC buys Infochimps and its big data platform

IT services and consulting specialist CSC has acquired Infochimps, a startup that sells a big data query and processing platform. Infochimps had raised about $5 million in equity and debt financing since launching in 2009.

A programmer’s guide to big data: 12 tools to know

Whether they’re building big data applications or just trying to gather some insights from their mobile apps, developers have more need than ever for analytics tools. It’s a good thing so many companies are building tools designed with developers’ needs and skills in mind.

Ex-Yahoo, Facebook big data vets do Hadoop for developers

Former Yahoo cloud VP Todd Papaioannou and Facebook engineer Jonathan Gray are trying to big data for programmers with a new platform service called Continuuity. It’s a development environment and runtime layer that sits atop a company’s Hadoop infrastructure and abstracts the complexity of writing apps.

Infochimps makes its big-data-for-developers platform real-time

Infochimps has released version 1.1. of its platform that the company has described as Heroku for Hadoop. The new version takes things a step further, though, turning the platform into an engine for easily creating streaming workflows that don’t require using Hadoop at all.

9 more companies putting a cloud spin on big data

In September, I profiled six companies doing big data in the cloud, and here are nine more. One of the themes of Structure:Data is “putting big data to work,” and there’s no easier way to get started doing so than with a cloud service.

How Infochimps wants to become Heroku for Hadoop

Infochimps, a startup best known for its data marketplace, is now offering a cloud-based service that takes the pain out of managing Hadoop and scale-out database environments. The company hopes its new cloud-based service can do for big data applications what PaaS did for web applications.

With Factual, 1 API now unlocks data for 55 million places

Application developers can now use one API to access data from Factual’s marketplace that contains data on more than 55 million places worldwide. It’s not data nirvana just yet, but Factual points to what our data-driven future might look like.

Data-as-a-Service startup Infochimps swaps out CEO

Infochimps, the two-year-old company that runs a “data marketplace” where owners of datasets can charge for their usage, is swapping CEOs. Co-founder Nick Ducoff has stepped down from the CEO role, and the company is looking for a “seasoned executive” to take his place.