Google spent a billion on infrastructure last quarter

Google spent more than a billion dollars on infrastructure in the fourth quarter, representing the company’s second-biggest quarterly expenditure ever. As it competes against Facebook, Apple, Yelp and Amazon, the company can’t afford to stop building data centers now.

All computing isn’t equal: Here are the four types

Despite the idea that a server is a server, the needs of different computing customers differ widely. For those thinking about selling infrastructure, software or even services understanding the difference in computing and IT styles will help you hone your pitch and find your buyer.

Ericsson takes its fight against Samsung to the ITC

Ericsson is exercising all its options in its ongoing patent dispute with Samsung. Last week it sued the Korean handset and infrastructure vendor after the two failed to reach a technology cross-licensing agreement. Now Ericsson is seeking to ban Samsung’s products from the U.S.

Report: Mobile hardware will be a $500-billion industry by 2015

Global mobile device and infrastructure revenues are growing at an annual rate of 11 percent per year, which will make wireless communications equipment a half-trillion-dollar industry in 2015, according to IHS iSuppli. The driving factor? LTE.