NPD: PS3 Selling “Slightly Faster” Than 360 Did at the Same Stage in Its Release

According to Digital Spy, market research firm NPD says the PS3 is selling marginally better in its first four months than the 360 did for the same period. “Figures show that the PS3 is selling slightly faster in the US than the Xbox 360 did at the same stage in its release,” an NPD spokesman told the UK publication. The news comes amid a lackluster PS3 launch across most of Europe last week.

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Making Games Viral for Fun and Profit

How do you make a game viral? Gamasutra, gaming industry business website, has published a new article today on five ways to market a game more, er, virally. Jon Radoff, creator of Space Empire Elite, gives a few pointers on how to gain a following and continue to grow that following after inception. In these tips, there’s a glimpse of how, if successfully marketed, a small, unknown game can become a hit. Read More about Making Games Viral for Fun and Profit

Sony: Victim of their Own Success?

PS3According to VGCharts, there are now 4 million Playstation 3s on the market, while just 1.8 million of them have been sold. More than two million PS3s sit forlorn on store shelves. That coupled with another recent set of sales figues suddenly made me realize the reason (or one of them, at least):

The Playstation 3 is performing so poorly because the Playstation 2 has succeeded so well.

Maybe I’m the last one to realize this, but it finally hit me in the face when Jason posted the latest NPD tally of consoles sales last week. It wasn’t just that the PS3 was being slightly outsold by the 360, or vastly outsold by the Wii; by then, that wasn’t surprising. No, the real surprise was this:
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“Year of the Online Game” – O Rly?

Google 2007Google is looking to get into games, according to CNN Money, and before this week is out, should be announcing a deal to buy Adscape Media Inc., and through them, work with publishers to feed ads through the Internet into their online games. (Presumably, the elevator pitch would be, “AdSense meets Xbox Live.”) This news, along with other ads-in-games news, comes just as a related question is gaining some currency through the blogosphere. “2005 was the year of the social network,” Jason Lee Miller of WebProNews recently argued, “In 2006, online video was the chief cause of acquisition hysteria. Will 2007 be the year of the online gaming site?”
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