Ericsson takes its fight against Samsung to the ITC

Ericsson is exercising all its options in its ongoing patent dispute with Samsung. Last week it sued the Korean handset and infrastructure vendor after the two failed to reach a technology cross-licensing agreement. Now Ericsson is seeking to ban Samsung’s products from the U.S.

Samsung gets it from all sides: Ericsson files patent suit

While Apple hammers Samsung on smartphone and tablet design, Ericsson is accusing the Korean vendor of infringing on its mobile networking and technology patents. The pair’s cross-licensing deal has expired so Ericsson is taking Samsung to court.

Samsung’s exposure: It can survive the Apple hit

Samsung can easily absorb the $1 billion judgement if Friday’s jury award holds. With a $4.5 billion profit in the second quarter alone, Samsung has the cash to keep fighting. But will the larger patent issues of the verdit will impact its tremendous smartphone momentum?

Court Revives $1 Billion YouTube-Viacom Lawsuit

An influential New York appeals court has resurrected an epic copyright case over whether Google should be liable for movies and tv shows uploaded to YouTube during the video-sharing site’s early days.

Looks like Congress has declared war on the internet

A new copyright bill proposed in the House would give governments and private corporations unprecedented powers to remove websites from the internet completely, on the flimsiest of grounds, and would also force internet service providers to play the role of copyright police or face penalties.

Samsung bends to try to end Apple touch-screen patent dispute

Friday marked the final day this week for a hearing in Australia over touch-screen patents held by Apple and allegedly infringed upon by Samsung. Samsung apparently took a very conciliatory approach to ending the injunction before it begins, offering Apple a proposal to resolve the dispute.

Judge may grant brief injunction in Australian iPad patent case

At a hearing Monday in Australia to determine whether or not an injunction against the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in that country is merited, a judge suggested both Samsung and Apple expedite their patent infringement trial in order to resolve the issue.