Idea management: Smaller and more social with Wazoku

With its launch last week, London-based start-up Wazuko aims to jostle its way into the buzzing idea/ innovation management space and help companies cultivate more good ideas. But what sets this service apart form its competitors? We spoke to co-founder Simon Hill to find out.

Inmagic IdeaNet: B2B innovation management

Last week, Inmagic introduced IdeaNet, an innovation management platform. I spoke with Phillip Green, Inmagic’s CTO, about how the company approaches B2B collaboration and how its clients integrate innovation into customer interactions. I came away from the conversation with a new appreciation for keeping things simple.

Innovation activation & management with Spigit

Spigit is a leading enterprise social innovation platform. Paul Pluschkell, CEO and co-founder of the company, talked to me about the product and Spigit’s perspective on innovation management, which supports the “edge to the core” philosophy that is top of mind in many high-impact organizational settings

Innovation management with Intuit Brainstorm

Brainstorm began as an internal innovation management platform at Intuit, but it’s now available as an external offering following extensive customer testing. Tad Milbourn, product manager for Brainstorm, walked me through the application’s role in the company’s own innovation approach.

Innovation management, Brightidea style

Once you have the good ideas, what do you do with them? Innovation management tools can support the transition from good idea to great change or product. I spoke with Vincent Carbone, Brightidea co-founder and COO, about the company and his perspective on innovation management.

How to manage innovative ideas in the modern enterprise

The Internet provides companies with a great way to gather new ideas. But it’s also important to think about how you ask for ideas, and what you do with them once you have them. Idea generation is generally the first step in an organization’s innovation process.