In 2011, Stop Putting Off Your Dreams

Some of us make attempts to accomplish a few life and business goals. But how many people do you know who put everything on the line to pursue their deepest, most life-changing dreams? How many don’t wait until “someday” to go after the things they want?

Entrepreneurship: How Sweet It Is

The entrepreneurial spirit is infectious. I caught the bug quite a while ago, but this morning, the chronic (although at times dormant) symptoms reared their heads again, so I thought I’d share the inspiration and hopefully stir that spirit in you, too.

Become Comfortable with the Unknown

My friend Betsy Talbot and her husband Warren are forging their own path and making their own way. Two years ago, they decided that they wanted to travel the world. Life was too short, they decided, to wait for that dream.

Bust That Creative Block With Oblique Strategies

Feeling stuck? Looking for inspiration? Try Oblique Strategies, a technique first developed by musician Brian Eno and his friend, painter Peter Schmidt, and used while working on his album, “Another Green World”. Eno’s technique involves using a stack of cards containing random commands.

Ember: An Online Design Scrapbook

When I recently came across Ember, a service similar to Scrnshots but with more contemporary features, a smarter interface and cleaner design, I was keen to try it out.

Creative Tip: Go Looking For Inspiration In All the Wrong Places

I suppose you could say this is the second article in my series of counter-intuitive tips, the first being the one in which I advised everyone to lie to themselves in order to get more work done. This time around, the tips I’m providing don’t involve any self-deception, but they still offer indirect means to a completely normal and much sought-after goal: improving your creative work.

Contractors, freelancers and people who work in a number of different offices at larger companies know all about doing a survey of the competition to not only provide a frame of reference against which they can measure their own work, but also to find new sources of inspiration from which to borrow. But borrowing from other players in your field can not only make things stale quickly, it can also sometimes be legally tricky. Here are some healthy, if unusual, alternatives. Read More about Creative Tip: Go Looking For Inspiration In All the Wrong Places

How to Get Lightning to Strike Twice

Inspiration, if you believe in it, is quite fickle. You can have a great idea one day, and then not come up with anything noteworthy for weeks at a time. Even if you think inspiration is really just about hard work, there are always times when your desire to work hard just isn’t there. So how can you stack the deck in your favor and make it more likely that you will continue to be inspired consistently and frequently? Read More about How to Get Lightning to Strike Twice

Vodafone Getting in on UK iPhone Party

Vodafone_epsVodafone announced today that it will begin selling the iPhone in the UK beginning in 2010, according to Reuters. The news comes on the heels of an announcement from France Telecom’s Orange yesterday that it would also start selling the popular smartphone, following the end of O2’s exclusivity deal this month. Orange will reportedly be offering the device for sale in three weeks.

Vodafone also will be selling the device in Ireland. It will begin selling the phone in both places at the end of this year. Analysts see the move as a huge boon for Vodafone’s business, which had been suffering in the British market because of O2’s exclusivity deal. If you’re not keen on waiting, you can already pre-register online for iPhone updates through Vodafone’s web site. Read More about Vodafone Getting in on UK iPhone Party

The Future Of Work: “Taking a Sagmeister”

Along with Daniel Pink, one of the most intriguing speakers I saw at last month’s TEDGlobal 2009 was notorious graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister. British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown’s opening session was a tough act to follow, but Sagmeister made an impression with some striking observations on career sabbaticals.
Sagmeister illustrated a traditional career as a timeline comprising three distinct “eras:” learning, work and retirement, with each “era” roughly taking up a third of one’s lifetime; around twenty-five years each. Read More about The Future Of Work: “Taking a Sagmeister”