Intel and Qualcomm Are Dueling With Dollars

Wireless dealmaking has remained a fairly bright spot during the recession, according to an overview of venture investment and M&A in the industry released today by Rutberg & Co. The boutique investment bank focuses on digital media and wireless deals, and says it’s seen the dollar amount of deals in the wireless industry fall to $1.2 billion, a 43 percent drop from the first half of 2008. The number of deals, meanwhile, fell 31 percent, to 121. The most active investors in the space?  Qualcomm (s qcom) and Intel (s intc).

Qualcomm is defending its mobile turf against Intel’s encroachment, and strategic investments appear to be a weapon both are deploying in an attempt to get an edge. Read More about Intel and Qualcomm Are Dueling With Dollars

Intel Aims Small with Hopes of Making it Big

intc_8455_80110.jpgIntel has announced the branding behind its new line of processors designed for “mobile Internet devices” and lower-end laptops and desktops costing around $250.

The Atom brand name replaces Silverthorne, which was the code name for the low-power chips aimed at ultra mobile PCs, and Diamondville, which was the code name for the chips in lower-end laptops.

Both chips will be manufactured at 45 nanometers, indicating Intel expects them to be in high demand. It’s a bold move given that Intel is relatively new to the low-power, ultra-portable market. Via Technologies better watch its back.