This man wants to kill QR codes. Can he do it?

Advertisers and publishers have swarmed over QR codes as they try to add interactivity to analog media. Now the Swiss team behind retooled mobile app Shortcut hopes they can help make the black-and-white glyphs a thing of the past.

Codecademy launches platform to let anyone create coding lessons

Codecademy, the startup that makes an interactive and social web application aimed at teaching people how to write computer code, has gone the platform route. On Monday, the company debuted Course Creator, a platform that allows anyone to make educational courses to teach programming techniques.

Annotation hack brings Tic Tac Toe to YouTube

Thought YouTube was about passive video watching? Think again: YouTube producer Rutter Jared has put together an interactive Tic Tac Toe game by utilizing the site’s annotation feature. The game consists of 131 videos and more than 1000 annotations and producing it took an entire month.

An Inkling of Things to Come for the iPad

The cat is only just out of the bag, and still there are iPad-related websites, accessories, and apps being promoted across the web. Some were clearly just waiting to create something for whatever Apple (s aapl) released, and some appear to have been potentially been in on the secret for quite a while, unless they just have a very fast, talented graphics department.

Inkling is one of those that had a very slick website apparently waiting to go, since its updated site design went live shortly following the announcement, complete with mock-ups of the new iPad running its yet-to-be-released software. And Inkling covers a blind spot in Jobs’ iPad announcement, one which may have been created by a McGraw-Hill faux pas: education. Read More about An Inkling of Things to Come for the iPad